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Seminar on Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Latin America (ESS 490 - Selected Topics in Environmental Science)

3 credits

Course Description

Through professional training and hands-on learning, students will embark on an experience to understand how global climate change influences sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Climate change is an issue that spans many fields of study and affects both society and the environment at multiple scales. As such, students will apply a multidisciplinary and integrated approach to both the challenges and opportunities presented by global climate change. The course, taught in English, will involve assigned readings, group discussion sessions, hands-on laboratories, and a mix of interactive lectures. Throughout the course, students will learn about different research methodologies and the use of appropriate technologies to analyze and monitor climate change’s impacts on natural and human systems in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Course is comprised of various topics including Introduction to Sustainable Development,> Introduction to Climate Change Science and Policy, Social and Political Aspects of Climate Change, Methods and tools for Climate Change Research, Human Impacts on Ancient Environments, Human Impacts on Modern-day Environments, Water, Our Energy Future, Agriculture, Geographic Information SyGIS, Remote Sensing, Population and Disease, and Air Quality.

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